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How Much Do You Know About Your 401(k)?

The story of retirement is changing. Fifty years ago, most people relied on an employer-sponsored pension for the bulk of their retirement income. Today, saving for retirement falls largely on individuals and many aren’t receiving the info they need to make the best decisions regarding their 401(k) plans.

For Instance:

Most employees aren’t told how much they should save.

401(k) plans typically offer stock options. These can be great when you’re young, but as you get closer to retirement your plan’s options may not align with your retirement goals or risk tolerance.

Many don’t know that 401(k) fees are generally assessed based on a percentage of your account balance, meaning older workers tend to pay more fees than younger workers.

Many employees don’t know if they have a match.

And more...

At Guardian Wells Financial, we can help you understand your options so you can make the most of your 401(k) accounts.

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