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Are We a Good Match? You Wouldn’t Work With Just Anyone and Neither Do We

Choosing someone to entrust your retirement to is a major decision that should be made carefully and with much consideration. At Guardian Wells Financial, we understand how important this choice is and we’re honored when people choose to trust us.

However, just as any financial advisor isn’t going to be right for you, not everyone looking for help is going to be a good fit to work with us.

We like to work with people who value our knowledge and experience in these areas and who are looking for competent caring advice.

We might not be a good fit if you …

  • Are seeking guaranteed results from the volatile stock market.
  • Aren’t interested in the bigger picture and would rather focus only on small, individual pieces.
  • Struggle with setting and maintaining appointments.
  • Aren’t willing to schedule necessary annual review meetings.
  • Can only meet on the weekends, which means you don’t prioritize meeting with us the same as you would your doctor, dentist, accountant or attorney.
  • Aren’t willing to respect our time as much as we respect yours.
  • Aren’t willing to keep an open mind and learn from our ideas.
  • Aren’t willing to commit to a single advisor/firm.

We love meeting new people and working with those who value our time and services as much as we value their business.

Are You Ready to Reach

Your Retirement Goals?

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